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Sundararaman Chintamani
Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management in Oil and Gas Industry


Today the concept of maintenance management of the equipment in the industry has evolved into Enterprise Asset Management meaning the complete life-cycle of assets starting from design, procurement, installation, operations, maintenance till the retirement of the assets.

Why EAM for Oil and Gas Now?

Oil and gas industry is an asset intensive industry. Even a short break-down of a critical equipment can make a huge impact on the operational profitability of the industry. It is essential for anyone working in the oil and gas industry to know the significance of interruption free operations and hence need to know various types of maintenance activities performed in the industry.

Workshop Methodology

Workshop would be conducted through interactive classroom sessions using slide decks, multimedia video clippings and case studies.

Course Content

  • EAM - An Introduction 

  • Equipment in Oil and Gas Industry

  • Plant Automation System & Plant Information System

  • Maintenance Methodologies

  • Maximo as EAM Tool

  • SmartPlant as EAM Tool

  • Asset Management KPIs

  • Work Permit System

  • Failure Prevention

  • Safety in Asset Management

  • Digital Technologies in EAM

Key Takeaways

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able:

  • To understand various equipment used in the oil and gas industry

  • To differentiate between various maintenance methodologies

  • To appreciate the role of technology in interruption free operations

Workshop Duration

3 Hours. However based on the needs of the customers, this can be varied from 1-8 hours.

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