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 Dr.Sundararaman Chintamani

I am a Business Storyteller and Business Storytelling Coach. I work closely with organizations and individuals in nurturing the art of business storytelling to achieve their goals in corporate life.

Sundararaman Chintamani

Business Storytelling Overview

  • Business Storytelling refers to the use of the story structure for corporate presentations and meetings

  • Business storytelling can be used on various occasions such as for developing marketing narratives, sales calls, customer presentations, persuading and motivating team members

Business Storytelling

Why Business Storytelling Now?

  • Attention span of people is becoming a scarce commodity nowadays

  • Most business communications sessions are dull and boring sessions

  • Leaders find it difficult to engage with the stakeholders

  • Corporate initiatives take more time than planned

What is the solution?

  • Business Storytelling becomes a handy tool to engage with people and get things done

Target Audience

  • Sales and Marketing professionals

  • Account Managers

  • Customer facing delivery teams

  • Program Manager and Project Manager leading teams

  • Heads of departments


Key Takeaways

  • Understand the power of storytelling in business

  • Distinguish between personal storytelling and business storytelling

  • Learn business storytelling techniques

  • Compile your own story file

  • Be aware of the common mistakes in business storytelling

  • Engage and build rapport with stakeholders

Business Storytelling Session Contents

  • Why Business Storytelling?

  • Introduction - Essential elements of storytelling 

  • Personal Storytelling Vs Business Storytelling 

  • Types of Business Stories

  • Stories for Corporate Values 

  • Science Behind Storytelling - Arousing 5 Senses

  • Inducing Happy Chemicals

  • Occasions for Business Storytelling

  • Creating a story

VUCA World
  • Creating a story

  • How to tell stories? - Structure (Context, Conflict, Conclusion)

  • Polishing a story - Power of vivid descriptions and metaphors

  • Do's and Don'ts

  • Business Storytelling with Data

  • Creating Your Own Story File

  • Organizing Stories with Mindmap

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