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Creative Thinking Mastery


Creative thinking means looking at something in a new way. It is the very definition of “thinking outside the box.” Often, creativity involves what is called lateral thinking, or the ability to perceive patterns that are not obvious.

Sundararaman Chintamani

Why Creative Thinking Now?

Creativity is the primary driver of innovation, an occurrence whereby something new and valuable is created such as an idea, a solution, or an invention. Creative people have the ability to devise new ways to carry out tasks, solve problems, and meet challenges. They bring a fresh, unorthodox, perspective to their work. This way of thinking can help organizations move in more productive directions.

Workshop Methodology

Workshop would be conducted through interactive class room sessions using slide decks, multi-media video clippings, classroom exercises and case studies.

Course Content

  • Principles of Creative Thinking

  • Techniques for Creative Thinking

    • ​Brainstorming

    • Divergent Thinking

    • Options Thinking

    • Opportunity Thinking

    • Six Thinking Hats

    • Mindmapping

    • Mental Calisthenics

Key Takeaways

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able:

  • To increase creativity and productivity

  • To address pain areas and create innovative solutions

  • To generate solution in a short amount of time

  • To reduce conflict within a team

  • To contribute to design thinking

  • To save money and effort

Workshop Duration

3 Hours. However based on the needs of the customers, this can be varied from 1-8 hours.

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