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Presentation Mastery


Realizing the need for better presentation skills in the corporate world, this workshop is specifically designed for improving presentation skills. Instead of theoretical classroom sessions, more emphasis is given for hands-on activities and valuable feedback comments from the faculty.


Why Presentation Skills Now?

Today in every organization, presentations are made day in and day out. But many times, the presentations irrespective are dull and boring and seldom engage with the audience. People need to know how to make an effective presentation in the given time and also make a memorable impact among the audience. People who are able to impress upon through their presentation skills in any forum are revered and respected.

Workshop Methodology

Workshop would be conducted through interactive classroom sessions using Slide decks, Multimedia Video Clippings, Case studies, Interactive Games, and other relevant props.

Course Content

  • Challenges and limitations in presentation decks

  • Frequent mistakes during presentations

  • Understanding audience needs

  • Intent of presentation

  • Storytelling in presentation

  • Application of Canva as a presentation tool

Key Takeaways

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able:

  • To be aware of the common mistakes in presentations

  • To design attractive presentation decks

  • To leverage images, pictures and icons in place of text

  • To bring in variety

  • To select select right images (Size, Background, Copyright Free etc)

  • To make an engaging presentation

Workshop Duration

3 Hours. However based on the needs of the customers, this can be varied from 1-8 hours.

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