"I am  a Mindset ExplorerI help you to master your mind for greater success."





I am Sundar. I am a mindset explorer to help you master your mind for greater success. I closely work with organizations and individuals in nurturing their creative mindset to improve their lateral thinking, structuring their thoughts, which results in improvement of their profitability. 

I am the founder of Jignyashika, where the core principle is "Curiosity (Jignyasa) leads to Success (Yashika)." 

I speak on different kinds of mindsets and how they can be improved. I also conduct regular workshops on Design Thinking, Power of Creativity, Mind-mapping, Presentation Mastery and Public Speaking Skills, IT for Oil and Gas Industry.

I believe in the power of metaphors and bring in metaphoric examples to improve the stickiness while sharing life-lessons. 

I am a member of Toastmasters International for the past 12 years and also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). I ensure to leverage the learning from Toastmasters while developing my speech content as well delivering my speeches on the stage. 


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Design Thinking for Public Speaking 

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